Anil Ray Amit Central School, Sandesh, also known as ARA Central School is the best recognized school of education for economically weaker students or rural student. This school comes into existence on 10 March 2020. The founder of which is Mr. Amit Raaz, who is also a youth entrepreneur and Philanthropist.

Previously there was not even a single centre of rural digital education (Smart Class) for the rural Students of this area.Taking into account the problems regarding rural education. Mr. Amit Raaz felt the need of opening a centre for rural digital primary education. It was in this process that a meeting of a few youth personalities was held on November 2019. in order that the rural digital primary education should be started at Nasrathpur located in the sandesh block, a thoughtful planning was made regarding its means and resources, for this purpose made a Non-profit Origination.

Digital concept based primary education is highly required for the holistic development of a society. Keeping this in mind, Smile Kids was created for the purpose of paying special attention to the visual concept in child education. Smile Kids is a part of Ara Central School for pre-primary education.